How to choose the solid-state induction heating equipment -2

 How to choose the solid-state induction heating equipment - 2

5) the connection distance between the induction workpiece and the equipment is long, and even the water-cooled cable should be used.
The induction heating equipment with large power should be selected.

6) From process requirements, normally for quenching, welding and other processes, small power and higher frequency can be selected, ; 
Annealing, tempering and other processes, the larger power with low frequency selected; hot forging and smelting, etc., which need
good diathermy effect, should be selected with larger power and lower frequency.

7) the material of the workpiece: the metal material with high melting point needs higher power, while the metal material with low melting
point needs lower power. Small resistivity, then choose the bigger power. and bigger resistivity choose small power induction heating equipment.

The above knowledge is not only induction heating furnace manufacturer personnel must master, but also the users to understand and master as far as possible.