Solid state induction heating equipment

The induction heating machine is widely used in heat treatment, tool welding, diathermy forming, gear quenching, machine tool
guide rail induction hardening.Railway rail spike, steel tube heating forming, forging, standard parts hot pier, annealing and
other heating fields.Professional focus on the quality of the industry enjoys a high reputation, is a number of induction
heating power experts, committed to providing customers with quality products.Br-x series of hf, 
superaudio frequency induction
heating equipment, a variety of quenching machine tools, customized a variety of difficult sensors and round bar induction heating furnace.

Chaochang induction  always adhere to the principle of "technology first, service first", and are committed to providing customers with the best products.
The products pass the examination and inspection of the state bureau of technical supervision, and has established a perfect technical quality
and after-sales service guarantee system.Customer needs and application-oriented innovation drive us forward.