the importance of solid state high frequency welder maintanance work

Just like human, Welding pipe solid state high frequency welder will have problems, there will be a life limit, and has to be maintained.
Then through the following points we will talk about the importance of solid state high frequency induction welding pipe equipment maintenance.

1.Extrusion roller moves in axial direction

Due to the unstable positioning of the extrusion roller and the extrusion roller shaft, as well as the open quantity caused by the loose coordination of
other zero parts in the assembly, the extrusion roller will appear axial movement and radial swing, and the groove of the extrusion roller will not be
consistent, resulting in lap welding.

2 bearing damage
When the bearing is damaged, the normal position of the extrusion roll is destroyed.Take the two-roll extrusion roller device as an example. Generally,
two sets of bearings are installed in the extrusion roller. When one of the two sets is damaged, the extrusion roller loses control, and the welding seam will
be higher, resulting in lap welding.During the production operation, we can observe the swing of the extrusion roller.When the bearing at the upper end of the
equipment is damaged by high-frequency induction heating, the swing range of the roller is larger, while when the bearing at the lower end is damaged, the swing
range of the roller is smaller, which also has a certain relationship with the damage degree of the bearing.After the bearing of the guide roller is damaged, not only
can it not control the weld direction of the tube billet well, but also the guide ring may cause pressure loss on the edge of the tube billet after the bearing is damaged,
resulting in the change of the weld height.

Only the solid state hf welder maintained well , then the performance is good and the life time will be long,and can improve efficiency in production