water requirement for solid state hf welder

Solid State HF welder for Tube Mill Line is generally used for cooling water, if the quality of water supply is poor,
there will be equipment failure caused by water quality, damage to equipment, affect production.So we must pay attention to the influence
of water quality on induction heating equipment.What are the requirements of solid state induction heating equipment for cooling water?

The quality of water supply of cooling water and the index of water supply shall meet the following requirements;

1. The hardness of water should be lower than 0.17mg/l;

2. The impurity content of water should be lower than 17mg/l;

3, the resistivity of water for not less than 4 k Ω/cm after;

4, water supply pressure, main pipe control in 0.2- 0.3 mpa.

Water contains too much impurity, in the solid state high frequency induction heating equipment capacitor, transformer secondary, primary and other cooling pipe,
will form scale.Especially in pipe joints and elbows, it is easier to form scale clogging pipe.This will affect the cooling of components and damage power components.

Too many impurities and too much hardness in the water mean that the resistivity of the water tends to be low.The leakage current of rubber or polyethylene water pipes increases
as the impedance voltage decreases.Therefore, it also increases the loss of power, which is easy to produce water pipe to the ground discharge breakdown or water pipe heating,
accelerate the aging of water pipe, make the water pipe rupture, leakage, leakage, failure, affect the operation of equipment.The water supply pressure is too large, mainly easy to
make the water pipe break or rubber pipe and copper pipe joint easy to rush off, resulting in failure.