what kind of induction heating equipment that Chaochang induction can make

 What kind of induction heating equipment that Chaochang Induction can make ?  This is one of the common questions that most of our customer would ask. 

 Here we would like to give a brief introduction of the induction heating machines that we can make . With years experience in induction heating field, we 
 can produce solid state high frequency welder , SCR medium frequency induction annealing machine for straight pipe seam, HF welder for aluminium spacer
bar production line, all kinds of induction hardening machine , induction heating furnace for billet or round bar and other customized induction heating equipment 
as customer's request . 
Our equipment has been exported to many countries ,such as Russia,India,Pakistan, Sudan,Kenya,Brazil ,UAE and so on .Because of the top
quality of the machine 
and reasonable price, we win a good reputation among the customers. 

For all the machine , we are giving 12 months warranty time after the commissioning work of the machine.within warranty time , any spares broken is borne by us.

We Chaochang induction totally have confidence in our machine quality and looking forward to cooperating with all customer in induction heating field .