Cold Rolled Ribbed Rebar Induction Annealing Line


Product Description

Cold Rolled Ribbed Rebar induction annealing line 

Brief Introduction                           

Cold rolled ribbed steel is widely used building materials of the building industry, and after cold rolling of the hot-rolled rods,uniformly distributed in the longitudinal direction of the surface along three sides, or both sides of the cross rib reinforced. China National Standard (GB13788-2008), the ordinary reinforced concrete, cold-rolled ribbed steel Q215 or Q235 rods formed by cold rolling, its nominal diameter range is 4mm to 12mm grades are CRB550 major mechanical performance indicators: tensile strength σb ≮ 550Mpa, yield strength σs ≮ 500Mpa,  the elongation δ ≮ 8% 

Production Processing 

First cold rolling of hot-rolled rods, molding, then its appropriate heat treatment.


Technology Characteristics     

Power-saving, rust-proof steel capacity, stable operation of equipment.  Depending on different production speed,the equipment has different 
configuration.The maximum speed can reach 500 m / min. The equipment useing chopping tech, which is more energy efficient and the power
factor up to 0.95.New type of cold-rolled ribbed steel series heating device is different from the past.Generally for each steel production line,it is equipped with 2 heating power. However we developed new tech that for  each line with only one set, heating power is also workable. some
customer's existing power capacity is not enough ,but still wanna try to install one production line, according to this,we launched special series
products to meet customer's different requir, available to the different requirements.

Equipment Consists of

line planes, cold rolling mill, tempering the power of the different combinations, the closing line frame

Power selection

solid state audio power, according to the production line speed to choose different combination of one or more sets.

Heating power 

 200KW, 300KW, 400KW, 500KW, 600KW                                                                                                                                                        

Application video is also available:

Cold rolled ribbed steel bar induction heating treatment                                Induction annealing furnace for cold rolled ribbed steel bar/rod

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