Stainless Steel Pipe Induction Annealing Equipment


Product Description

 Stainless Steel Pipe Induction Annealing Equipment

Application Scope

 Online Annealing and Tempering Heat Treatment of Copper , Aluminium and S.S non-ferrous Metal pipe or Wire   

Technical Features

 Heating Temperature : From indoor temperature ~ Craft Annealing Temperature 


 20 ~ 60 m/min

The Device Consist of                          

 IGBT Solid State Induction Power-supply Cabinet    Single-machine power from 100 ~ 1000KW, Multple devices can be connected

Technology Characteristics

 High Efficiency and Speed,production efficiency can be improved about 30% ,Finished-product ratio can be improved about 10% ,
 Low-power Consumption, can save power more than 30%,Stable and High precision temperature-control.It can do better in improving the physical characters of the metal material than traditional production technology.The pipe production and on-line annealing are combined together,which can produce brandly new pipe type                                                                                                                         

Application video is also available:

Annealing equipment for stainless steel tube

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