Induction Annealing Machine for Pipe Seam


Product Description

 Induction Annealing Machine for Pipe Seam 

Application Scope                                                        
Petroleum Pipeline、High-Pressure Fluid Tube and other top quality pipes                                                                                                                     

Technical Standard                                                                                       
Heating Temperature:From Indoor Temperature ~ Craft Annealing Temperature
The Device consist of  SCR M.F.heating power, On-line Annealing inductor / Inductor lifting bracket and operation console 
Single-machine Power 100 ~ 1000 KW,Multiple devices can be connected 
Rated Power  400 ~ 8000 HZ

Technology Characteristics                                                                                                    
On-line Annealing inductor / Inductor lifting bracket :consist of inductor with magnetic material、mechanical adjustable bracket、capacitor cabinet etc. The heating power cabinet was controlled by operation console The inductor would avoid burrs of pipe/ tube、seam annealing temperature was closed loop controlled                                              


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