Induction Hardening Machine for Shaft & Gear


Product Description

Induction Hardening Machine for Shaft & Gear



Quenching Dia

φ100 ~1000 mm

Quenching Length                                                                                                                            


Speed of Work-piece

30 ~120 rpm continuously adjustable 

Travelling speed of work-piece

2 ~ 20mm/s continuously adjustable

Main Usage

used in quenching & quenching + Tempering for big size shaft、gear and other disc type work-piece


Adopting SIEMENS digital-control technology to realise the  inductor & work-piece positioning 、scanning & control .Also combined with medium frequency & super audio frequency power supply,which make the whole process of quenching & tempering fully automatic 

Application video is also available:

  Shaft Induction Hardening                         Sprocket Induction Quenching                 Gear Induction Hardening Machine

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