Induction Hardening Machine Quenching Inductor


Product Description

The quenching inductor, also known as the induction heating coil, is closely connected with the induction
heating process and is an important part of the induction heating process of the induction quenching equipment.
Surface quenching inductor concentrates electromagnetic energy on a specific area according to the requirements
of the workpiece. Therefore, for different workpieces ,we need to design different quenching inductors.
If you have new workpiece to do quenching process, the first step is to analysis the quenching workpiece carefully, for example, the shape of the workpiece, the hardened layer depth range, productivity, workpiece material and quenching medium, heating method is to use a fixed heating or scanning heating, etc.Based on these, first we need to  decide the the quenching process, and then according to the design of the quenching process to determine the quenching inductor. This needs a very rich experience in quenching ability to design.For some complex quenching process it need to do multiple test
to meet the requirements.In Chaochang,every quenching inductor is rigorously designed and tested to ensure the best induction heating effect.

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