Oil Pump Shaft Induction Hardening Machine


Product Description

Oil Pump Shaft Induction Hardening Machine 

Oil pump shaft induction hardening machine is full-digital solid state all-in-one induction heating power supply. It has lots of merits as below:

1.digital phase-locked loop is formed with DSP as the core, with wider phase-locked range, more stable Angle and small loss

2.with DSP as the core, dc chopper voltage regulating circuit and complete protection circuit are constructed, with higher speed fast.

3.increase the series inductance, remove the quenching transformer, small volume and strong load adaptability.

4. modular structure, simple, beautiful, less interference and easy to expand capacity.

5.more water saving, small volume.

6.energy saving and high efficiency, the efficiency of the whole machine is more than 85%.

7.configuration software with LCD touch screen, more convenient to operate, maintain and modify



Application video is also available :

Oil Pump Shaft Induction Hardening Machine 

Our Technical Support 
1.To provide complete set of electrical drawings for maintenance work and operation manual of the machine.

2.To provide the customer with the main component purchase channels.

3.To train the technician for the customer during the commissioning regarding to the electrical principle and maintenance of the machine.

4.The warranty time for the machine is 12 months .Within warranty period, we will respond immediately(less than 48 hours) to solve the problems for the machine at free (except violation operation).

5.One year after the acceptance of the machine, until the service life of the machine, for any maintenance work of the machine,we will charge the cost expense, no extra profit will be added.

6.Responsible for the technical consultation of relevant equipment from the beginning of equipment manufacturing to the service life of the machine.

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