PC Steel Bar Induction Heating Line


Product Description

 PC Steel Bar Induction Heating Line

Application Scope

Steel Material30MnSi35Si etc


 φ8 ~ 14mm


 φ7.1mm ≤110m/min
 φ9.0mm ≤100m/min
 φ10.7mm ≤75m/min
 φ12.6mm ≤50m/min

Heating Temperature

 Max Quenching Temp950℃                   Max Temperting Temp450℃

Power Consumption per Ton                                                                                  

 φ9.0mm Power consumption per ton ≤370KW·H   φ10.7mm Power consumption per ton ≤365KW·HG

General Processing

 Pay-off Stand→Wire-management stand→Mechanical scaling machine→Drawing die→Drawing machine→Straightener→1# Tractor→Preheat Cabinet→Heating Cabinet→Quenching Cabinet + Quenching heat Preservation →Water quenching tank →Temperting Cabinet + Tempering heat preservation→Water tempering tank→2# tractor →Wire lead slot→Hydraulic reversing shear→1# take-up spool→2# take-up spool    

Technology Characteristics

 can realize tenstion controlwelding pot shear automaticallywire take-up automatically etc whole-line automatic control 
 Installed with temperature tracking systemhigh precision temperature controlquick heating Vertical close wire take-up to reach export standard 
 HIM control, easy to learn and use ,convenient to do maintenance Equipment has self diagnostic function , sealed cabinet which can applied to bad environment                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Application video is also available : 

Annealing & Tempering production line for PC steel bar

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