Integrated Rectifier-inverter HF welder


Product Description

 1. Using Germany IXYS company big power MSOFET IXFN38N100Q2 38A/1000V and fast recovery diode DSEI 2 X 61-12B 61A/1200V forming series resonance inverter circuit.
The apparatus has a long life with a low failure rate.

2.Adopting modular design,the welder structure is more compact and more convenient to maintain.With all-in-one structure, it covers a small area,which could save room space.

3.Adopting PWM chop-wave technology ,with Infineon brand IGBT as switch component, it could provide load with fast,stable,and adjustable DC voltage and current, also it could increase
the power factor of the machine, the power factor of the new generation welder is not less than 0.93.

4.Adopting Digital Phase-lock loop inverter control technology, with application of high speed DSP, the fixed angle control is realized, so that the load frequency can be tracked automatically,to provide
reliable drive pulse for inverter,
 ensure the equipment running more stable and efficient.

Application video is also available:

Third Generation Rectifier-inverter All-in-one Solid State HF Welder

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