Tube/pipe Solid State Induction Welding Equipment


Product Description

Tube/pipe Solid State Induction Welding Equipment 


1.Material:carbon steel 
2.Output power : 100kW~1200kW 
3.Pipe type:round/square/rectangular pipe 
4.M.S.pipe or G.I.Pipe

The whole set of high frequency solid state inductiong welding equipment is composed of switch rectifying cabinet,  inverter  output cabinet, central control console,
2-D adjustable bracket device , water cooling system and one set air conditioner.

1.Switch Rectifying Cabinet
We integrate the switch gear cabinet part and rectifier part, besides the functions of switch cabinet, this design also has rectifying control functions on solid-state H.F. welders.
Install incoming disconnect switch ,incoming current meter, voltage meter(switchable)and incoming voltage indicating light.
Install 3-phase full-controllable thyristor rectifying bridge to achieve power regulation of H.F. welders.
Install flight wave reactor, flight capacitor and filter to increase flight coefficient.

2.Inverter Output Cabinet
The invert part is considered of MOSFET single phase invert bridge in parallel style. Each bridge’s design power is 120 KW/60KW. We adopt building block mode to pile up power,
it is very convenient to install and maintain because every single bridge board is designed as drawer structure consisted of slideway.
We adopt matching transformer to realize power combination, also we adopt sub-resonance, no-welding transformer output mode and make resonance directly by tank resonance capacitor
(low voltage)and inductor to achieve steel pipe welding power transmission by output lead.Use sealed box and install overhead air conditioning.

3.Central Console
The console achieves remote control and power regulation of solid-state H.F. welder, installed with LCD; also it has indicators of armature voltage, field voltage on
DC speed regulation cabinet and  indicators of DC voltage, DC current on welder. Installation of power-speed closed loop control function is optional. The console
has design difference according to different types and quantities of matching DC speed regulation cabinet.

4.Mechanical Adjustable bracket
2-D adjustable bracket: for induction welding mode, applied with installation and adjustment of invert output cabinet, the inductor position can be adjusted manually.
3-D adjustable bracket: for induction/contract welding mode, applied with installation and adjustment of inverter output cabinet, the inductor position can be adjusted
by electric or manual.

5.Circulation Soft Water Cooling System(water-water cooler)
The water -water cooling system is composed of heat exchanger with the adoption of the special corrugated structure which makes the soft water form sharp turbulent flow in
order to strengthen heat exchange. The system holds the advantage of compact design, small area occupation, convenient dismounting and high efficiency of heat exchange. 
Only with the ability of heat exchange but not cooling, it is necessary to use external circulation system to accomplish the heat exchange.

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Carbon steel pipe/tube seam induction heating furnace

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